Bigg Boss 11: Affected by Salman Khan’s harsh words, Zubair hospitalized, takes too many pills.

Contestant Zubair Khan ended up in a hospital after consuming a bunch of pills on Bigg Boss 11.

On Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, host Salman Khan chided Zubair Khan for his misbehaviour in the house. Salman refused to let him call him ‘bhai’ and it was the angriest we have ever seen him.

While Zubair seemed to have taken in rather well at the moment, turns out he was severely affected by his words. According to a report in Times of India, Zubair was asked more questions about his true identity by the other contestants after Salman dropped hits during the Weekend Ka War segment that he doesn’t really have any connection with Dawood Ibrahim’s family.

Zubair could not take the criticism any longer and consumed several pills in frustration. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.
In just one week, he managed to fight with Arshi Khan and Bandgi Kalra. He called them horrible names and even raised lewd questions about Arshi’s character. He threatened people in the house with his ‘connection’ to the underworld and what he could do to them.
When he entered the house, he claimed to be the son-in-law of Haseena Parkar, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s sister. He said his two children were taken away from him by his wife and which is why he had come to the show, to win over his kids. While he gained sympathy of many on the first day, the days that followed changed everything. His bad behavior and foul mouth made everyone wonder if the part about bringing his children back was indeed true.

On Saturday’s episode, Salman promised to make a ‘dog’ of him and called him a ‘nalla don’. He reprimanded him to bringing the name of his neighborhood, Dongri, to shame by his actions.

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