Bigg Boss 11: Eliminated Contestant Zubair Khan Challenges Host Salman Khan – Watch Video

Just when we thought that Bigg Boss 11 house was taken to its logical conclusion by eliminating Zubair Khan, explosive statements made by the eliminated contestant Zubair in a recent interview has ruffled feathers. We wonder how Salman Khan is going to react to Zubair’s statements. Forget Salman, even if the actor’s fans watch this, Zubair might need protection.

The eliminated contestant has been ranting against Salman post his elimination on Bigg Boss 11. A Pop Diaries video of Zubair’s rant is doing the rounds on the internet. In the six-and-a-half minute long video, one can clearly see that the self-proclaimed don, who claims himself to be a director, journalist – an undercover agent, is making ridiculous allegations against Salman. Also, Zubair Khan is openly challenging Bollywood star Salman Khan for humiliating him in Bigg Boss 11.

Catch the video here. It’s shocking to see his audacity to accuse Salman Khan to have provoked him to attempt suicide and to have ruined his image on India’s most watched reality show. Has he forgotten that he himself has ruined his image by abusing women in the Bigg Boss house?

Well, all this started after Salman Khan humiliates Zubair on a national television for his obnoxious behaviour on his reality show Bigg Boss 11. Things have escalated quickly. As soon as the contestant was out of the house, Zubair, in a statement to a section of media, said that Salman has no right to insult him or threaten him on a national TV. Zubair further added that he had to attempt suicide so as to get out of the show because he could not handle the mental torture inside the house. He also said, Salman’s comments have instigated him to attempt suicide and therefore the eliminated contestant has filed a FIR against Salman Khan at Antop Hill Police Station, which got transferred to the Lonavala Police Station.


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